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Dear visitors.

As chairman of the Korea Hosinsul Federation(KHF), I'm honored to introduce 'Korean art of self-defense'(also known as Hosinsul) to you.

All martial arts, as you know, aim to train one's body and mind. We all wish to be so mentally and physically sound that we can adapt ourselves to every responsibility we meet, however hard it will be.

Nowadays, we are confused with so much unidentified and indecent foreign culture and worried about the mental and physical weakness of the young and the female.

So the Federation is committed to help the younger generations find their ways through learning and training Hosinsul. We plan to direct various researches in the art of self-protection and provide anyone interested in martial arts, home and abroad, with useful information.

I really appreciate your visit to KHF homepage and hope to share all assets I have with you.