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Hosinsul is a self-defensive technique in protecting oneself effectively when being attacked without warning. It is designed for self-protection against the initiative assault. So Hosinsul is a non-aggressive and humane martial art.

This art has an original nature of passiveness. It is supposed to detect the opponent's next movement beforehand, defending and blocking the offense effectively.

Korea has developed traditional martial arts, but most ones stand on the offensive.

Hosinsul differs from other martial arts in that it pursues self-protection against violent assaults and minimum damage to the opponents.

You can see the distinction between defensive Hosinsul and offensive martial arts, now developed into sports, like taekwondo, judo, wrestling and boxing, all having offender-oriented game rules and winner-decision by attack points.

But Hosinsul believes that the best defense is the best offense and the Hosinsul masters are the protectors, not aggressors.

Hosinsul stresses a sport in actual life, not like an elite sport which runs for the physical strength and tournament winnings. It exists for the socially weak, like women, young students, the aged people. If they encounter violence at any place, they can use some Hosinsul to get out of the trouble.