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A modern society depends on the law enforcements to maintain its order. but the fact is that no one feels safe with the authorities. As we see the accidents and violences at the newspapers and televisions, we grow more and more frustrated by gloomy aspects of the society.

Law-abiding citizens are constantly assaulted with no reason at all by robbers, rapists, deranged men, but it's no wonder that people pass by so indifferently without turning a hand to the victims.

This problem is getting worse by not only heartless individualism, but also physical weakness and lack of confidence which results in hiding and covering up as cowardly as bystanders.

Therefore Hosinsul is needed to suppress the violence threatening our lives. The capability to disable the opponent is required for every citizen in the country. If someone trained in Hosinsul is attacked, he or she can easily escape from the trouble.

Hosinsul is especially useful for the old, the women and the children who are vulnerable to violences.