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Hosinsul has been developed mainly by the Korea Hosinsul Federation(KHF). KHF took into consideration that hapkido and taekwondo have too many fighting skills and cost too much money to get promoted to a higher level, so they are not available for a real life confrontations.

So some distinguished people in the academic world and martial-art experts gathered to research for a-real-life-martial- art in 2000. Among them were director Cho, Won-sang, former professor Park, Ki-sung, general master Lee, Won-suk, and so on.

Their struggle contributed to make birth to the first Korean Hosinsul, systemized and easy to learn. Since then, KHF has distributed videotapes with which people can do training at lower prices. The broadcasting companies and the newspapers have shown great interest in Hosinsul, a new Korean art of self-defense.

Now there are about 1,000 blackbelt holders who teach Hosinsul at the halls all over the country. KHF plans to popularize Hosinsul over general citizens by distributing CD-ROMs which include new 100 self-defense skills.

There are also 700 foreign blackbelt holders who came from France, Belgium, Australia, England, Morocco, Italy, South Africa, and so on. The number of foreign branches has been  increasing, now 42 branches in 12 nations, contributing to raising up the korean image considerably.