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Hosinsul has common techniques with hapkido, taekwondo, and other martial arts. In real use, however, it is totally different. Hosinsul is trained for the defense and taekwondo is for the attack.

Two thirds of Hosinsul skills are derived from hapkido, but they are not alike because Hosinsul takes whole advantage of the opponent's force, while hapkido skills only depend on the user's muscular power.

And one third of Hosinsul is independent and original in itself, distinguishable from other conventional martial arts.

In addition, Hosinsul has simple and clear defensive skills while hapkido has as many techniques as 3,860, most of them complicated, extremely difficult to train for and too costly.

Hosinsul simplified those skills and make it easy to learn and train, also available for real life. It consists of some basic skills using bare hands; throwing, pressing, kicking, punching, etc.

If you use those skills properly, you can wield formidable power and bring anyone into submission, not alone escape from dangerous situations.

One of the basics of Hosinsul is a hypogastric breathing. The breathing helps us keep the body straight. Concentrate your whole energy in the hypogastric center, harmonize the spirits of every toe and finger repeatedly and you can experience that your power is focused at specific point of our body under your control.