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Hosinsul is especially beneficial for women, children, old men who is vulnerable to assaults. Also it can be a good program for companies which want their workers keep physically sound and healthy. Hosinsul can work as a motivation for the cohesiveness of the workplace.

For example, Bank of Korea and Samsung Technology Corporation adopted the Hosinsul training course as one of the company education programs.

Hosinsul helps people revitalize their bodies, regaining youth and beauty, by making blood streams healthier and stimulating vital body parts.

Hosinsul does not only make its trainees stronger, but burn away unnecessary fat, so it contributes to losing considerable weight. Unbalanced body parts and too much fat can increase weakness, so it is advised that people train for Hosinsul to disentangle such unfit and unsound factors.

Hosinsul training keeps stimulating the joints and balancing the bodies, leading to losing fat eventually.