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① a master or coach of martial arts, now running a gym
② a black-belt holder interested in running a gym
③ a black-belt holder with four or higher rank of other martial arts
④ a black-belt holder interested in going abroad to promote Hosinsul
① the application form (offered by KHF)
② 2 Photographs for identification (3.5*4.5)
① given a certificate of completion of the master course and qualified for passing the master tests.
② qualified for registering as KHF-approved Hosinsul hall
③ qualified for applying for the trainee's rank promotion
④ 50% off the course fee for additional course
⑤ chance to go abroad for the excellent member
⑥ chance to teach at KHF-held Hosinsul academy
⑦ can be supported for associations
⑧ can be subsidized for expansion/move of the gym
⑨ free gifts from Hosinsul videotapes to New Hosinsul books
① twenty people in order of receipt
② every second and fourth weekend of the month, 15:00~19:00
U$ 500


Central Training Center of Korea Hosinsul Federation(KHF),
Dae-ho Bldg 5F, 274-4 Ulgiro 5ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
(a detailed map is on the KHF homepage)

Telephone No




e-mail address info@hosinsul.org
the account number for a deposit

362-05-017504 (Korea Hosinsul Federation), Shinhan Bank

※ After depositing the fee, please call for more information on the training schedule. Please note that the papers and the fee are not refundable.