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Korea Hosinsul Federation(KHF) welcomes any hall willing to teach Hosinsul to people interested in it. The nation-wide branches approved and supported by KHF are now about 200 halls and the branches abroad are about 300 halls.

Any Hosinsul-related drill hall or school, for example, tae gwon do, fencing, hapkido, aerobics is welcomed for a new KHF branch. Masters of each hall can teach KHF-approved Hosinsul side by side with its main martial art or sport. After completing a learning course offered by KHF, they can recruit and teach trainees for Hosinsul and help them get ready for a higher grade.

For promoting and helping branches home and abroad, KHF offers free videotapes and goods, connects masters to foreign schools and provides funds, all for the minimum application fee.

KHF also manages public relations, including media coverage,  publishing related books and brochures.

Any master of a drill hall or a gym who has completed a Hosinsul-coach course.
① the application form (offered by KHF)
② a form of petitioning for a higher rank (offered by KHF)
③ 5 Photographs for identification (4*5)
④ a copy of the gym-leasing contract
⑤ a copy of the residential registration paper
⑥ former certificate for a black-belt grade
⑦ the contract of agreement form (offered by KHF)
⑧ a route map of the gym
⑨ the application fee : U$ 1.000
※ Please note that a promotion can cost additional fee (Please add your e-mail address)
① address : Korea Hosinsul Federation(KHF), Dae-ho Bldg 5F, 274-4 Ulgiro 5ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
② Telephone No. : 82-2-2266-2367
③ e-mail address : info@hosinsul.org
④ the account number for a deposit : 362-05-017504(Korea Hosinsul Federation), Shinhan Bank